Louis Muhlstock - The Urban Landscape 1930-1950
Monique Nadeau-Saumier

The thesis examines the urban landscape as depicted by Louis Muhlstock from approximately 1930 to 1950. In his urban subjects Muhlstock revealed a deep preoccupation with social issues primarily in his paintings of empty rooms in abandoned houses and in his drawings of unemployed and homeless people. His references to social problems are however always discreet and somewhat subservient to a larger humanist approach. Comparisons with the work of contemporary artists help to focus on this particular aspect of Muhlstock's approach to subject matter. A study of the artist as a creative observer illustrates how pervasive romantic tendencies can flourish within modern art itself. And to this end, we found it useful to look at the full artistic activities of Louis Muhlstock during that period.

In addition to general literary references on the subject, the thesis is essentially based on numerous interviews with the artist during the last fifteen years and primary source material graciously put at our disposal by Louis Muhlstock himself.


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