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Sadko Hadzihasanovic


  • born in 1959 in Bihac, Bosnia
  • immigrated to Toronto, Ontario in 1993
  • B.F.A. Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Sarajevo, Bosnia; M.F.A. University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

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Sadko Hadzihasanovic’s multimedia works are acrylic and oil portraits interspersed with collage, drawings, silk screen prints, and found objects. Engaging in humourous and satirical commentaries of North American consumer culture, Hadzihasanovic analyzes and deconstructs constructions of masculinity with imagery from popular culture. Through his use of wallpaper Hadzihasanovic questions stereotypes of masculinity and femininity and challenges the notion that women "naturally" gravitate toward the domestic realm. One of his wallpaper works, Life is Full of Complicated Decisions, uses a wallpaper background for a surface of doodling and the writing of media phrases. Silkscreened on top of this are the heads of male models in various haircuts. As Catherine Osborne observes, "Hadzihasanovic puts the delicacies of manhood front and centre, and layers his work with references from his immediate environment" (1998). The 50 Most Beautiful Guys in the World (1997) explores the nexus of ideal norms of manhood and consumerism and the way in which "manliness" is commodified to incite consumerism. In What Does Boy Want (1996), a mixed media representation of a young boy holding a toy water gun, Hadzihasanovic reflects upon the disturbing North American phenomenon of young boys playing with toys that seemingly condone and glorify violence. Fleeing from a country torn apart by ethnic conflict and strife, Hadzihasanovic finds such trends troubling, prompting him to interrogate the inherent violence of masculinity. "It’s very disturbing to me to see how acceptable violence is here," he has said, "especially because nobody in Canada truly understands what is happening in my former country. It is a horrific time and a terrible way for children to grow up. If I could make people stop buying toys that promote anger and aggression, I would, but I know I can’t control a whole country" (1996). In Hannibal Ante Portas (1993) Hadzihasanovic depicts a young boy on a wooden rocking horse, mounted on a pedestal. Intervening in the long western iconographic tradition of representing heroes poised for combat, Hadzhasanovic disrupts the celebration and veneration of violent historical figures.



1998 Sampling
Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ontario

Neutral Ground, Regina, Saskatchewan

Everything Must Go
Struts Gallery, Sackville, New Brunswick

Stupidity Is Kool
Artcite, Windsor, Ontario


1997 50 Most Beautiful Guys in Universe
Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

A Space, Toronto, Ontario


1996 A Dream of Adoration
Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Hannibal Ante Portas
Windows, Toronto, Ontario


1994 Windows, Toronto, Ontario


1991 Big Reliefs
Museum of the XIV Winter Games, Sarajevo, Bosnia


1986 Works on Paper
Bezigrad Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia


1984 Recent Paintings
Art Gallery of Bosnia, Sarajevo, Bosnia



1998 Manifest Destiny
Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario

Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Montréal, Québec

ARTIFICE 98, Contemporary Visual Art of Montréal
Galerie d'art centre Saidye Bronfman/Gallery of the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts, Montréal, Québec

Drug Show
Toronto, Ontario

Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario


1997 Multiples Project
Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Wasteland, Obdam, Netherlands

Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ontario


1996 Canadian Clay Currents
Pyramid Art Center, Rochester, New York

Emerging Artist Showcase
Gallery 101, Ottawa, Ontario


1995 Juicy Fruit
The Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Velvet Fever and Other Kitsch Inclination
Artcite, Windsor, Ontario

The OO Gallery, Halifax, Nove Scotia


1991 Biennial of the Youth '91
Museum of Modern Art, Rijeka, Croatia


1989 International Biennial of Sculpture
Art Gallery, Murska Subota, Slovenia


1987 Exhibition of Group Svono
Anushka Gallery, San Diego, California


1984 The Contemporary Art in Bosnia 1974-84 on Occasion of the Olympic Winter Games
Art Gallery of Bosnia, Sarajevo, Bosnia

Contemporary Yugoslav Painting
Art Gallery of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland




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