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Paul Hartal


  • born in 1936 in Szeged, Hungary
  • immigrated to Israel in 1957; to Montréal, Québec in 1973
  • B.A., Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1964); M.A., Concordia University (1977); Ph.D. in Education and Art, Columbia Pacific University, San Rafael, California (1986)

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Paul Hartal's painting consists of bright, expressionistic canvases, often combined with photography or other technological processes, as part of the attempt to unite the scientific with the creative, or intuitive. His 1975 manifesto on Lyrical Conceptualism put forward a theory of art that emphasized the creative process as an interaction of emotion and intellect, fusing them and thus denying the traditional belief that they are at odds with one another. He writes: "Lyrical Conceptualism does not impose any formal limitations on the artist’s freedom. It merely suggests. Instead of competition it advocates cooperation. In our post-industrial society, science and technology determine our lifestyle. Consequently, art must concern itself with science and technology. However, science and technology should not be our masters but our servants" (1975). Hartal refuses to polarize science and art, but involves the use of technology by the artist in the creation of beauty, resulting in works that seek to unify science and art, emotion and logic, intelligence and soul. Hartal returned to Hungary in 1983, and his art and writings have been frequently discussed by the Hungarian media. In 1989 his book about Lyrical Conceptualism, The Brush and the Compass, was discussed in the Hungarian journal Újuidék (Pictorial Youth). In 1991, the book and his ideas again became the subject for an article, in the Hungarian paper Új Forrás (New Source). His 1989 Space Art series is an example of how Hartal has explored the place of science in human life, commenting on what he calls "our yearning to know the secrets of the universe, and our ultimate failure to apprehend the cosmos." A poet as well as a painter, Hartal is also the author of A History of Architecture (1972), Painted Melodies (1983), and The Kidnapping of the Painter Miro (1997), a novel that Hartal wrote and illustrated. He is honorary curator of the Israel Museum, and the founder-director (1987) of the Centre for Art, Science, and Technology in Montréal, Québec.



1992 Rain
Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, New York


1989 Micro Hall Art Center, Oldenburg, Germany


1983 Painted Melodies
Galerie-Studio J. Yahouda Meir, Montréal, Québec

Centre Psycho-Social, University Lausanne, Montreux, Switzerland


1979 Vernissage
Atelier 2101, Montréal, Québec


1975 Lyrical Conceptualism
Art Montréal, Tele-Art de Vehicule Art (Montréal) 79, Montréal, Québec; Jacquie Gallery, Montréal, Québec



1998 East Meets West: Two Person Exhibition by the Originators of Blankism and Lyrical Conceptualism
Dansung Gallery Seoul, Seoul, Korea


1997-96 Mostra Biennal d'Art
Alcoi, Spain


1995 Essence
Queensland College of Art Gallery, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia; Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia

Big Red Dot Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia

Arte Electrografica
Palazzo Gambacorti, Pisa, Italy

Seoul International Fine Art Center, Seoul , Korea

Havana National Museum, Havana, Cuba


1994 Spaceweek International Art Exhibition
Space Center, Houston, Texas

Alcorcon International Invitational
Centro Civico Social, Madrid, Spain

Municipal Library, St. Laurent, Montréal, Québec

Galleria Communale d'Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy


1994-93 Musée de la Poste, Paris, France

Galerie Fokus, Montréal, Québec


1993 Artists of all the World for the Piero Manzoni's Infinite Line
Milan Art Center, Milan, Italy


1992-90 Message Earth
Arte-Studio, Bergamo, Italy


1992 Space and Humanity
Montreux, Switzerland

Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, New York

Society of Experimental Artists, Longboat Key Art Center, Florida


1991 Eco Museum, Savona, Italy

Archeology of the Future
Bergamo, Italy

Lo Straniero International Show
Oxford, England

Centro Culturale, Florence, Italy

University of Delaware, Delaware

Alcorcon Civic Centre, Madrid, Spain


1990 Sion Museum, Switzerland

Visions of Space
OURS, Montreux, Switzerland


1989 Studio Dieci, Vercellie, Italy

La Rose des vents
Villeneuve d'Ascq., France

Contemporary Gallery Aono, Matsuyama City, Japan

Munson-Williams-Proctor Inst., New York, New York

Espace 31, Paris, France

Davidson Galleries, Seattle, Washington


1988 Art Festival Seoul
Seoul, Korea


1979 Concrete Poetry
Véhicule Art, Montréal, Québec

Le Festival international des arts
Olympic Velodrome, Montréal, Québec


1978 46th Salon des Surindependants
Musée du Luxembourg, Paris, France

Belknap Memorial Invitational Print Exhibition
Columbia Greene Community College, Hudson, New York

Academie internationale de Lutece, Paris, France

Festival internationale de peinture et d'art graphico-plastique de Saint Germain-des-Prés
Paris, France

Artistes USA
Galeries Raymond Duncan, Paris, France

Ligoa Duncan Gallery, New York, New York


1976 International Art Fair
Washington, DC


1975 Colbert Gallery, Montréal, Québec



Galleria Naz Arte, Rome, Italy
Guggenheim Museum, New York, New York
Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Montréal, Québec
Musée du Québec, Québec, Québec
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Seoul International Fine Art Centre, Seoul, Korea



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