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Any person accessing the Concordia University website is deemed to accept the following conditions of access. These conditions are to be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Canada and the Province of Quebec.


All Concordia University website pages and the content appearing on those pages are the property of Concordia University unless otherwise attributed. Failing an indication to the contrary, all documents on Concordia University websites have been produced or compiled by Concordia University and are protected by Copyright.

All documentation on Concordia University websites are protected under the Canadian Copyright Act, by the statues, regulations and policies of Canada and Quebec, by international agreements and treaties and by the policies and by-laws of Concordia University.

No document appearing on this website or any other website owned, operated or controlled by Concordia University may be copied, sold, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, transmitted or distributed by any means with the exception of downloading or printing the contents of the site for personal, non-commercial use. This use must bear in mind that Concordia University reserves its copyright and its rights to exclusivity over the material.

Concordia University does not authorize any material on its website or websites owned, operated or controlled by it to be reproduced on other websites. Any such reproduction requires written authorization from a duly authorized representative of Concordia University. Concordia University also prohibits the direct display of any material from Concordia University websites in a frame on another website, or the use of any other method that does not indicate that the material reproduced is the property of Concordia University.

The user of Concordia University websites acquires no rights or licenses in the Concordia University website other than those expressly indicated in the present terms.

Logos and Trademarks

The Concordia University name, its logos, arms, crests, emblems and other symbols used by the university and its subsidiary or affiliated organizations and departments are the sole property of Concordia University and are protected by the Canadian Trademarks act which reads at article 9:

“9. (1) No person shall adopt in connection with a business, as a trade-mark or otherwise, any mark consisting of, or so nearly resembling as to be likely to be mistaken for, (n) any badge, crest, emblem or mark (ii) of any university… in respect of which the Registrar has, at the request of Her Majesty or of the university or public authority, as the case may be, given public notice of its adoption and use;”

No person may use, display, promote, publish, broadcast or reproduce The Concordia University name, its logos, arms, crests, emblems and other symbols used by the university and its subsidiary or affiliated organizations and departments in any form, including electronically, mechanically or on paper without the express written authorization by an authorized representative of Concordia University.

This website may contain images that are the trademark property of third parties. Nothing on this website should be interpreted to explicitly or implicitly authorize the display, promotion, publication, broadcast or reproduction of these marks in any form.


Concordia University commits itself to respect the privacy of any user or visitor to their websites. Any data or information that may be communicated to Concordia University by means of any of its websites are protected by the Quebec provincial Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information (R.S.Q., chapter A-2.1), which requires Concordia University to maintain the confidentiality of all information and data they may collect be they written, graphic, audio, visual digital, electronic or any other type of information. 

Any information or data that may be collected by Concordia University via their websites which may enable the identification of the user is kept and protected as strictly confidential information. This type of information is usually only obtained if provided by the user via e-mail, or other communication with the university via the website. While no attempts are made to link individual users to information captured by the Concordia University website, the following data may be automatically collected:  the IP address from which the site is accessed; the type of browser used to access the website, the date and time the site was accessed; the pages viewed and if applicable, the site that linked the user to the Concordia University website. This information would be used to improve the service offered by Concordia University websites. Any such information collected by Concordia University via its websites will not be transferred to any third parties in accordance with all applicable laws.

Concordia University may use cookies to facilitate navigation on its websites. Cookies are special computer files automatically stored on the user's computer. From time to time, Concordia University may use cookies to monitor the areas of its websites accessed by users. Any user concerned about cookies may refer to the “help” information in their browser software for more information about cookies, how to disable them and how to delete them.

Concordia University websites may contain links to other web sites. Concordia University is not responsible for the content nor the privacy guidelines of these other sites. Users are encouraged to verify the privacy policies of sites linked to by Concordia and to use their own good judgment regarding accuracy, and reliability of the information they contain.


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