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One of the oldest and most popular resources on the Internet are Discussion Lists (a.k.a Mailing Lists or listservs), whose means of distribution is through e-mail. Subscribing to a Discussion List requires only an e-mail account, using any mail programme. If you want to discuss with other academics or distribute (non-commercial) information for example, you should join a Discussion List. They are extremely informative, circulating job postings, conference call for papers, lecture topics, and many other subjects.

The concept behind Discussion Lists is quite simple: E-mail messages are sent to an automated List by individuals, and the List then sends it out to its members, allowing you to take part in quick and easy group discussions. To become a member of a particular List, follow the instructions listed on their websites. Once you are subscribed to a List, you will receive e-mail to your account automatically (daily or weekly depending on the size of the List) of all the topics being discussed from the day you subscribe. You will also receive instructions on how to unsubscribe from the List, how to post messages, etc.

To find Discussion Lists appropriate to your interest, search any of the major search engines (such as Google) using keywords and adding the word +listserv in your search or consult the CHIN List of Discussion Groups.


Some Discussion Lists Related to the Visual Arts


Consortium of Art and Architectural Historians (CAAH) Art History Forum is an independent, international list restricted to art and architectural scholars and students.

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