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Death is a Natural Thing, Sweetheart
Collaboration with Martin Semchuk
Cochin, Saskatchewan/Vancouver, British Columbia, 1994



In Death's Embrace
Collaboration with Martin Semchuk
Katmai, Alaska/Vancouver, British Columbia, 1994



Ukranians vote to go their own way
Daughter/father collaboration, 1990,
from Memory and Desire: Eleven Women of Culture


Baba's Garden, Hafford, Saskatchewan, 1985-1991



Mute/Voice, RR 6, Saskatchewan/Vancouver, British Columbia, 1976-1991
77 silver gelatin prints laminated on acrylic, 28 x 35 cm
video with stories of four generations of women



Mute/Voice (detail)


Mom and Auntie Stella in their godmother,
Mrs. Suchorab's garden, Weirdale, Saskatchewan, July, 1978


Mr. Krechewec and Dad, Prince Albert, Saskatchewn, July, 1978


Mrs. Malowski, Rownna and I, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, 1978