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Florin Hategan

  • born in Timisoara, Romania, in 1962
  • immigrated to Canada in 1994
  • studied civil engineering in Timisoara, Romania (1983-1988); and graphic arts at the University of Fine Arts, Timisoara, Romania (1992-1994)

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Using drawing and printmaking techniques, Florin Hategan creates works inspired by his childhood and other personal, emotional experiences, preferring the limitations of black and white media as they allow him to express the contradictions inherent in human life, and the energy that arises from those contradictions. "To draw, for me," he said in 1996, "is not necessarily a hobby, it is more than that, it is an option of life. It is my way to tell the whole truth about the inside and outside world, and eventually to give an expression to my entire ‘population’ of thoughts." In his early 1960s prints there is a concern for the cityscape and the collision of humanity with technology. Over the years he has explored, as well as themes from his childhood, the fall of the Iron Curtain in eastern Europe, the consequences of war, and the relation between human anatomy and urban architecture. His recent work includes "studies of crowds as a global expression of spirituality, along with an in depth study of plastic space and techniques using details as a re-dimension of notion of epic" (1996). In 1997 Hategan was awarded the Television Osaka Prise at the Osaka Print Triennial in Japan.

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1996 J.M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, University of Toronto, Ontario


1992 University of Timisoara, Romania


1985 Pocket Gallery, Timisoara, Romania



1998 Kanagawa Triennial

Inter-Kontakt-Grafik Triennial
Prague, Czech Republic


1997 East Meets West
Graz, Austria (travelling in 16 European cities including Austria, Croatia, Poland)

Osaka Triennial
Osaka, Japan

The Best of Printmaking
Rockport Publishers, United States

Ljubljana Print Biennial

Bitola Print Triennial

Varna Print Biennial


1996 Sapporo Print Biennial

Kanagawa Print Exhibition


1995 Salon of Miniature Art
Toronto, Ontario


1994 Seoul Print Biennial

Belgrade Print Biennial

Graphium Print Biennial

Grand prix de la ville de Saint-Grégoire

Salon international d'Aquitane


1993 International Performance Art Fest
Timisoara, Romania


1992 International Art Horizons
New York, New York


1991 International Photo Exhibition
Bucharest, Romania


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