Researching the Visual Arts in Canada


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Archives (unpublished material)
  • Pathfinder to Art-Related Archives in Canada
  • General Directories to Archives in Canada (not specifically art-related)
  • Archive Associations
  • Pathfinder to Archives Outside Canada
  • Discussion Lists (use them to locate an archive)

Art Associations
The Top 10 for Canadian art historians

  • Their conferences & journals
  • How to find more Art Associations

Art Libraries

  • Access Art Library catalogues ONline in Canada and Abroad
  • Online and Printed Directories to Art Libraries (finding art libraries in any country)
  • Directories to Libraries in General (not specific to Art)
  • More ways to find titles on-line

Biographical Information

  • Finding Biographical Information
  • Locating Living Artists
  • Art-related Biographical Dictionaries

Book Reviews

  • Finding Book Reviews using On-line  Resources
  • Some Printed Book Reviews Indexes
  • Finding Book Reviews using Periodical Indexes

Canadian Art Journals

  • List of some Current Canadian Art Periodicals
  • Find More Periodical Titles

Concordia University Library On-line Citation & Style Guides

E-mail Discussion Lists

  • Introduction to Discussion Lists
  • Discussion Lists Related to the Visual Arts
  • Search for more Discussion Lists

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries


Exhibition Histories
  • Finding Canadian Exhibition Catalogues
  • Finding General Exhibition Catalogues
  • Search Tips for finding an Artist's Exhibition History

Find and get Funding

  • Funding to Study the Visual Arts in Canada
  • Funding for Canadians to Study the Visual Arts Outside Canada
  • Foundations (for Group Awards)
  • Directories to Funding Agencies
  • E-mail Discussion Lists Related to Funding
  • Selected Resources on Grant-writing and Proposals

Indexes to Articles in Newspapers

  • Indexes and Directories to Canadian Newspapers
  • Finding Newspapers using on-line directories
  • Indexes and Directories to Newspapers Outside Canada

Indexes to Literature on Art

  • List of Indexes to Literature Specifically on Art
  • List of Indexes to Literature not exclusively art-related

Museums & Galleries

  • Finding museums and galleries in Canada using printed and on-line guides
  • Directories to Canadian Museums and Galleries
  • Directories to Museums Outside Canada
  • Discussion Lists Related to Museums

New Titles

  • Finding New Titles through Publishers' Book Lists

Oral History Interviews

  • (On-line and printed) Resources
  • Directories to Existing Oral History Interviews
  • Consent Forms (print these up before giving an interview)
  • Discussion Lists Related to Oral Histories

Theses & Dissertations

  • Pathfinder to Theses and Dissertations in Canadian Art History
  • Pathfinder to Theses and Dissertations in General
  • Borrowing a Thesis from Another Library
  • On-line Directory to Concordia University Art History Theses (with Abstracts). Can be viewed by Author or by Subject




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